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FAQ for the Return to Work

FAQ for the Return to Work compiled by Northwood HQ (Northwood Medical Centre and Unit Personnel Office) with some useful information there for MARCOM personnel.

Q1.  My NSP/Car pass has expired whilst I’ve been Working From Home (WFH); what should I do on arrival at Northwood?   
A1.  All out of date passes will be extended to 29 May in order to allow access to site for those driving in, this will not provide swipe access. Apply now through the E-NSP form if your pass has expired or will expire soon, if you are unable to, please ask a colleague.  Passes will be available 3 days after application and held in the visitors’ centre.

Q2.  Do I just report to my workplace as normal or do I need any PPE or altered working practices?  
A2.  Your own LM will advise you on your precise requirements but there is no requirement to wear PPE at this point.  The 2-metre rule is in force throughout the site and should be strictly adhered to by the safe distancing of work desks, limiting the number of personnel sharing the same workspace at the same time and by conducting meetings online via skype etc.   Departmental SHEF Reps are on hand to offer support and guidance at the first instance. PPE Guidance can be found here.

Q3.  When will the gymnasium open? 
A3.  The Gymnasium is still closed, however our PTIs are conducting circuit training online and are conducting annual fitness testing when absolutely necessary (Op deployments).  The CO will open the gym as soon as it is safe to do so.  

Q4.  Can I go to the Medical & Dental centre for routine business on my return?   
A4.   Submit all routine medical requests through Northwood HQ eConsult at northwoodhqmed.webgp.com or by telephone on x57180.  For on-site emergency dial 2222..   This is an online consultation tool which allows you to access primary healthcare using any device.  The Dental Centre is closed, but emergency Dental Care is provided regionally and triaged through 01483 798 258.  OOO Duty Dental Officer is 07966544754.  

Q5.  What facilities on site are open?  
A5.   The Shop and all Messes are open.  We will open the café, B410 cart and Mess bars as soon as it is safe to do so.

Q6.  What if I need urgently speak to the UPO or Welfare team on my return to work?  
A6.   NSFPs and the Chaplaincy are available and can be contacted via email or via Telephone.  The helpdesk will be able to direct your call.

Q7.  What happens if I start feeling ill or experiencing Covid-19 symptoms once I have returned to work?  
A7.   As per CO NWD Planning Directive - move to isolation office room in the Chaplaincy Vestry.  Inform your Line Manager and HQ Northwood.   You will be instructed on next actions; be prepared to go home to self-isolate.  If you feel severely unwell dial 2222.  

Q8.  I think whilst away I had Covid-19; can I get tested at Northwood?   
A8.  There is currently no testing capability at Northwood HQ.  This may change so more information will follow.

Q9.  I have been tested for Covid-19 and have a positive or negative result.  Can I return to work?  
A9.  Please report all test results to the Northwood Medical centre through Northwood HQ eConsult at northwoodhqmed.webgp.com - choose "administrative help" followed by "discuss test result".  A Medical Officer will contact you to discuss your return to work.  

Q10.  I have not been tested for Covid-19 and have completed self-isolation.  Can I return to work?  
A10.  You can return to work if you feel well, have not had a high temperature for 48hrs and anyone you live with feels well too.  You should refrain from exercise for 14 days post-recovery.  

Q11.  Whilst away from Northwood I have accumulated a number of prescription charges.  How do I claim?  
A11.   Please submit your claim to the Practice Manager through Northwood HQ eConsult at northwoodhqmed.webgp.com - choose "administrative help" followed by “other requests”.  This process is subject to change.

Q12. I have specialist equipment that I use in the office because of my disability, what arrangements are in place to support me working from home?  
A12. The “Coronavirus pandemic - working from home guidance for civilian line managers and employees” can be found here

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