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Base Support Services

MARCOM continues to monitor and to follow the British Government directives and associated Minister of Defence guidance on COVID-19. Due to the volatile situation, additional information and guidance is being released accordingly.

Base contractors (i.e. Skanska, Aramark) are implementing their own business continuity plans to both follow their own organisations’ guidance and ensure resilience in the delivery of services to Northwood HQ. Consequently, we will experience changes in service delivery consistent with a reduced workforce, concentrating on the most important areas of service. Some of the adopted changes are:


As from Monday, March 23, the Galaxy gate is closed to vehicle access. Pedestrian access is still available.


Café 450 and mess bars were closed over the weekend and will remain closed until further notice. In the Messes, honesty bars will operate as usual though the hall porters. In Mess dining rooms, additional measures will be implemented to reinforce social distancing.


The gymnasium has been closed. To mitigate the loss of this facility, we will introduce circuit training on the HLS between Bldg 410 and Bldg 177 (where a minimum 2m distance between people can be maintained). Circuits will be at 1230 hrs. No showering facilities will be available in the gymnasium, but showers are available in most buildings including the NOM and CCF. The perimeter track will remain open but the trim trail equipment is out of bounds.


  • The Moor Park shuttle has been suspended. We believe the impact will be slight. 
  •  The hairdresser is closed. 
  •  The photographer will be on call for essential tasks only.
  • The Visitor Centre and Helpdesk maintain operation with reduced service. Call Helpdesk to get more information.
  • Maintenance and CIS teams will focus on essential maintenance and urgent requirements.
  • Some programmed infrastructure works will need to be delayed.


As indicated by UKSV, until further notice a full vetting service is not possible, meaning we may not be able to security-clear visitors to the site. Therefore HQs are requested to restrict visitors to those who are absolutely critical for operational reasons, with visits approved at the higher levels of HQs’ command chains.


No social visitors will be permitted.


Maintaining at least a two metre space between individuals – is a key element of the Government’s strategy. Many personnel are still failing to observe it. Base Commander has empowered his staff when necessary to remind people, of whatever rank, of the need to do so.


UK Government has directed that all schools and nurseries are to close from Friday, March 20 but with provision put in place for key workers. Northwood Headquarters Nursery will remain open, with the staff confirming that they are able to provide a full service at present.

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