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Located at Northwood Headquarters, Middlesex, United Kingdom, the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) is NATO's one-stop shop for all maritime matters in the North Atlantic Alliance. It is a multinational workplace manned by military and civilian personnel from 22 different NATO countries. NATO maritime operations such as Operation Ocean Shield and Operation Sea Guardian are planned and commanded here as well as major NATO maritime and joint level exercises. Commander Maritime Command (COM MARCOM) is NATO's maritime expert, responsible for providing advice on maritime affairs to the strategic level, which is the Allied Commander Operations in Mons, Belgium.

Approximately 400 people work for NATO Maritime Command. Host nation British officers and petty officers work alongside military members from 21 Allied nations, civilians employed by NATO and about 60 personnel from the NATO Communication agency, the NCIA. Given the historical geographic focus on the Atlantic, the NATO Nations contributing to MARCOM's staff were predominantly North European. Since the command restructuring of MARCOM becoming the single maritime command, the headquarters has an increased representation from Southern European nations. This strong Allied presence in Northwood contributes to making this site a world-class hub in international maritime operations and a truly stimulating working environment.

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