Deputy Chief of Staff for Support

DCOS SUPPORTRear Admiral (LH) Murat DINCMAN joined the Turkish Navy in 1991. Following the Submarine Training, he served at the Submarine Fleet (AY Class Submarines-Type 209) (1992 to 2008). Within this period, he graduated from Naval War Academy.
Upon completion of his service in Submarine Fleet, he was appointed as Strategy Project Officer to Turkish Navy N-5 (2009).

During his first tenure in NATO, he worked as Military Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff Support and to the Deputy Chief of Staff Operations respectively (2009-2011). As Military Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff Operations, he had a unique opportunity to take an active staff role in OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR (Libya).

Following first tour in NATO, Rear Admiral DINCMAN served as Agreements and Standards Branch Head at the Turkish Navy N-5 (2011-2014).

He returned to active sea duty as the Commodore of First Submarine Division, which consists of 4 PREVEZE Class Submarines in Golcuk (2014-2016).

After the failed coup attempt on 15 July 2016, he was assigned as the Assistant Directorate of Resource Management in TGS J-5 (2016-2017).

In his second tenure in NATO, he first served as Assistant Chief of Staff Operations (N-3) at the Allied Maritime Command in Northwood (2017-2018). Following his promotion to Rear Admiral, he assumed the duty of Deputy Chief of Staff Support as of 13th of August 2018.

Rear Admiral DINCMAN is married and with 2 kids.


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