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Rear Admiral (LH) Jens Nemeyer joined the German Navy in 1983 as a conscript. He started his Naval Officer’s Training in 1984 and was commissioned in 1987. From 1987 to 1988 he underwent his Helicopter Pilot Training in the Royal Navy. Following his wings award, he qualified on Sea King Mk4 in RNAS Yeovilton and returned to the 1st Squadron of German Naval Air Wing 5 in Kiel.

In 1990 he was selected for an exchange programme with the Royal Navy. During this programme he served as a Sea King pilot with 819 and 706 Naval Air Squadron. On completion in late 1992 he returned to Germany and joined the Training Squadron of Naval Air Wing 5 as a Qualified Helicopter Instructor and Executive Officer.

In 1994 he saw his first appointment with NATO, when he served as Battle Watch Officer at NATO HQ COMNAVSOUTH in Naples during the Operation SHARP GUARD on a three month temporary Voluntary National Contribution.

In 1996 he attended the 38th Admiral Staff Course at the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Hamburg. Following the graduation in 1998 he became the Commanding Officer of the 1st Squadron of Naval Air Wing 5.

From 2000 until 2003 he was posted to the German Armed Forces Personnel Command, where he worked as an appointer for the German Naval Aviation officers. In 2003 he was given command over Naval Air Wing 5.

Between 2005 and 2007 he worked as the Assistant Head of the Personnel Branch in the German Armed Forces MoD Staff. His duties covered principal human resources management as well as the preparation and conduct of the senior inter service personnel selection processes. In 2007 he resumed his second NATO post as Branch Head "Military Cooperation, Accession and Integration” at NATO’s Maritime Component Command in HQ Northwood. In 2009 he was posted to the German Fleet Command, where he was appointed as Branch Head N1. During this appointment he was promoted to the rank of Captain.

From November 2011 until March 2012 he served in Operation ATALANTA as Chief of Staff FHQ (afloat) EU NAVFOR Somalia. Upon return he resumed command over the permanent Battle Staff of Flotilla 1 in Kiel. From October 2012 until June 2014 he worked as DCOS J3/5/7 in the Joint Forces Operations Command of the German Armed Forces in Potsdam. His principal responsibilities covered inter alia the Operational Planning Process as well as the Lessons Identified and Lessons Learned Process. Furthermore, he headed the non-permanent Military Evacuation Operations Battle Staff.

From July 2014 until June 2016 he served as Branch Head Personnel in the Office of the Chief of Defence in the MoD in Berlin. In June 2016 he was appointed as Deputy Chief of Staff Operations at HQ MARCOM and promoted to Rear Admiral (LH). In April 2019 he resumed the additional responsibility as Commander, Surface Forces NATO (COMSURFNATO).

His awards include the German Armed Forces Cross and the EU service medal for OP ATALANTA.

He is married to Birgit. They have two children.

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