Command Senior Enlisted Leader

Lee Carr joined the Royal Marines in 1988 and after Commando training saw service as a Rifleman within 45 Cdo RM followed by specialising as a Communications expert.  Here he saw Operations on OP BANNER in Northern Ireland, OP HAVEN in Iraq & Southern Turkey and deployments to the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Promoted to Cpl (OR4) in 1995 he saw service in 3 Cdo Bde HQ & Sig Sqn RM providing Secure Comms as part of the UK/NLLF.  Here his role included the integration & training of Strategic Satcom Dets.  With deployments to Holland, USA and Middle East followed, before he deployed on OP AGRICOLA to the Balkans with 5 Airborne Bde.

Rising to Sgt (OR6) in 2000 with UKLF CSG he deployed again to Kosovo as part of MNB(S) providing the Bde J6 Comms Ops Cell. This was followed by Operations supporting 3 Cdo Bde RM & 27 Sqn RAF in Afghanistan on OP JACANA.  Further Operations during OP TELIC in Iraq in 2003 followed, after which he was promoted to CSgt (OR7) and posted to 42 Cdo RM.  Here he was the lead in developing the Units J6 Comms plan for which he was awarded CGRM’s Commendation.

Back afloat in 2005 on HMS ALBION he was the lead for Amphib Comms for all Landing Craft deploying on OP VELA to Sierra Leone.  Following promotion to WO2 (OR8) he completed an exchange with the Army as the CIS Division Sgt Major validating all NCO Infantry Comms Trg. 

Another Operational deployment followed as RBG(S) in 2008 on OP HERRICK to Afghanistan.  This time he was the adviser on Coalition Comms Interoperability and on return he was selected to establish the Amphib Comms influence within the 1* Battle Staff of COMATG.  Here he provided Direction & Guidance for all LAND Comms interoperability with Amphib Shipping.  Following successful boarding and promotion to WO1 (OR9) in 2010, he assumed N1 responsibility for Career Management of all Comms NCO’s across the RM.  This totalled some 650 Ranks from OR2 to OR9, one of the biggest Branches within the RM.

In 2012 he was selected to join HQ Navy Command where he continued in the N1 sphere with the Career and Branch Management of all Non-Commissioned Ranks from across some 14 different trades.

In 2013 with the colocation of all Amphibious Assets within 1 AGRM and the creation of an Amphibious Centre of Excellence, he was key in the establishment of this newly form Unit.  For his dedication to the Unit, his outstanding contribution to the RM and for the founding the RM Rugby Football Branch he was awarded the Meritorious Serve Medal in 2015.  This followed in 2017 by being chosen to take over responsibility of the Landing Craft Branch and where he was responsible for some 300 Coxswains on all aspects of Career & Branch Management.

Lee and his partner Philippa live in Plymouth.  He enjoys cooking, walking and fine dining, whilst also trying to maintain an acceptable level of fitness.  A keen armchair fan of Rugby & treasurer of RM Rugby, he continues raise awareness of RM Rugby whilst raising money for the RM Charity.



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